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Search all guides and outfitters offering Roosevelt Elk hunting services listed on Nation Wide Guides. Filter by state, price, rating, or nearest to you. 01-Apr-19. My one and only Roosevelt. You can hunt a ton of public land in Oregons coastal range with an OTC archery elk tag. I don't know why a NR bowhunter would apply. Although, they did have some draw only, trophy units back when I lived there. They are tough to get on, to say the least. From: Willieboat. Outdoor Life Online Editor. The current Washington record elk is a 421 7/8 bull shot by bowhunter Jeff Thorpe in 2003. That elk, of course, would still own the archery record. Agnew's bull would set the new all-time record, if details are confirmed and the rack is measured after the mandatory 60-day drying period. Outdoor Life Online Editor. About 5,000 Roosevelt elk live in Olympic National Park. Smaller groups often band together to munch on ferns, lichen and meadow grasses. In winter months they feed on elderberry, devil’s club and new seedlings, such as western redcedar. Roosevelt elk play an important role in the life cycle of the forest by clearing vegetation, which clears.
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